Purpose & Goals

The Mission Project Inc. is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit corporation based in Mission, Kansas.


The Mission Project enables capable adults with developmental disabilities to live independently and safely in community with individualized support.

Project Highlights

  • The first participant moved into her apartment in Mission in 2004.
  • The Mission Project comprises 18 participants. In 2012, the organization expanded to include Mission Project 2, which has nine participants.
  • Families can hire an employment specialist from a licensed agency, who provides job training and ongoing counseling for participants.
  • Families can contract with licensed independent living skills providers, who offer training and support for participants.
  • Volunteers answer a 24-hour Help Line to provide support and respond to emergencies.
  • Frequent social activities promote friendship and build community.
  • Drivers provide transportation to and from work, using vans acquired by The Mission Project.
  • Grants funded the iPad Project, an innovative program designed to provide participants with iPads and teach them to use the technology to better their lives.
  • Participants take a yearly out-of-town trip, for which they plan and save through The Mission Project Travel Club.

Who's Involved

Parents, guardians, families and friends of adults with developmental disabilities, as well as dedicated professionals, have joined forces to realize the goals of the project.

Why Mission, Kansas?

The Mission Project Inc. is based in Mission, Kan., because it’s a well-run community that has jobs, services, entertainment and a community center within walking distance of apartment complexes.


The Mission Project hosts three major fundraisers a year — a Kentucky Derby Gala, a golf tournament and a winter concert featuring the Kansas City Symphony. Proceeds from these, donations and grants support transportation and programming.


The Mission Project downloadable fact sheet

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