Program Officers

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Ashlyn Frederick

Executive Director

Ashlyn effectively leads the Mission Project allowing her to utilize her background in communications, donor relations and stewardship. Ashlyn grew up in a family with a sibling affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities. Ashlyn attended Benedictine College in Atchison, Ks and has taken graduate level courses in Special Education from Avila University in Kansas City, MO with the goal to achieve a M.A.

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Charotte Johnson

Support Specialist

Charlotte was awarded the M.S. in Special Education, Emotional/Cognitive Disabilities from Missouri State University. She worked for private and public schools in a 30 plus year career as a special education teacher for Emotionally/Behaviorally/Cognitively delayed students.  She served also as a principal for the Excel School, an alternative school for adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems.

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Christine Hernandez

Ed.D., Manager Mission Project Personal Care Assistants

Christine Hernandez joined Mission Project - Personal Care Assistants, LLC in July 2020 after 38 years serving students across the educational spectrum. She earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership and served students in alternative education, urban public school districts, private/charter schools, and students with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.