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What Is The Mission Project?

OUR MISSION: The Mission Project enables capable adults with developmental disabilities to live independently and safely in community with individualized support. 

For almost 20 years, The Mission Project has been supporting adults with developmental disabilities, such as autism and Down syndrome, living independent lives and maximizing their human potential. The Mission Project offers a safe community and unique accommodations provided by dedicated professionals, family members, and friends.


Our participants live in community in Mission, Kansas—a safe neighborhood offering jobs, services, retail, entertainment, parks, and a community center, all within walking distance.  With the support of The Mission Project, our participants rent their own apartments, hold jobs, pay bills, and socialize with friends.  Together they exercise, travel, and serve their community. A unique organization, The Mission Project is a triumph for the participants and their loved ones.


What Makes Us Different?

Autonomy and Self Mastery

The founders of the Mission Project recognized what researchers later validated.  Individuals with IDD thrive when allowed autonomy and self mastery. Health, mental health, functional capacity and social skills improve measurably. 

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Why Mission, Kansas

Safe, Convenient, Walkable

Mission, Kansas proves to be one of the most walkable communities in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.  Access to grocery stores, banks, restaurants, a community center, markets, library and health care are few steps away.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Three couples, parents of young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), met in 2004 to talk about shared concerns.  Is there an alternative to our adult children living at home?  How do we expand independence and support?  How do we define "quality of life?" How do we build a support system for our children when we pass away?  These parents recognized that these young adults fell into a gap.  More restrictive group home environments did not fit.  That said, living independently might be too much for each person to handle without support.  The ideas discussed became "The Mission Project, Inc." Participants live in apartments as part of a community.  They pay rent, are competitively employed, contribute to the community.  Systems of support, provided as uniquely required, allow them to live in the larger community.

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